Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Prim

[email protected]

Hi there!  My name is Blake Prim and I've been teaching art at Highland Park since 2008.  I grew up loving to draw, shade with pencils, and eventually paint.  I have a lot of quirky interests including playing trombone, night sky photography, and Doctor Who.  I have two miniature American Eskimo dogs, Lucy and Elsie.  I have an 18 year old Corn Snake named Zilch.  I love color and have a polo shirt in just about every color of the rainbow.  I also collect pop culture items like action hero masks and funny looking coffee mugs.   

     In art class, Highland Park students are given goals to accomplish that will help them build a wider understanding of their environment.  My goal in teaching each student is to first, set a strong artistic foundation by learning how to use the Elements of Art.  My second goal is to expand on those fundamental structures by encouraging unique expression.  

Art is expression through visual 2D and 3D form, dance, lyric and instrument performance, theater, and written form.  I want my students to learn that one doesn't have to be perfect in art to be a perfect artist.  True art is something that stirs emotion.  That's what I want our students to find.  

Art is a message, a story, a description of history, a whimsical abstract, a raw emotion... Art combines math, reading, science, history, and innovation and is essential to the human condition.

Deep down, that is what I personally want for all my students as well as myself.  

Be a Life Long Learner.