A. Bendele

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Bendele

Hi! My name is Alissa Bendele and this is my 4th year teaching. I taught 2 years in Northern Virginia and this is my 2nd year at Highland. I have taught 1st and third grade before and I LOVE teaching 3rd grade! I am a newbie to Roanoke but so far I am really loving the area. In my free time my husband, puppies, and I like to be outside, go hiking, fishing, playing tennis or tackling house projects. My dogs are my favorite things in the whole world and I talk about them all the time! 

I have a passion for teaching. It has been my dream job since I was in elementary school. I love working on projects with students and allowing them to show their knowledge in many different forms. I can not wait for all the fun activities planned for this year. My hope is to "bring" the world into my classroom and allow students to expereince and learn as many things as possible!