Laura Hogan
Highland Park
5th Stars
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Fifth grade is an important year in preparing for middle school. Throughout fifth grade, students will explore academic concepts that will build a base of knowledge to use when entering sixth grade. These skills are vital for continued success in school. Students will also practice routines and procedures to help them build their confidence and be able to work more independently. Finally, students will work together as a community to learn and practice positive social interactions that focus on respecting themselves, others, and their classroom. Here are some objectives that we will work on to better prepare for middle school: 


Social/ Emotional:

  • Notetaking

  • Study strategies

  • Working in groups to accomplish a goal

  • Planning for upcoming assignments

  • Organization (desk, locker, and bookbag)

  • Tips for test readiness (earlier bedtime, healthy breakfast, positive mindset)

  • Setting Goals

  • Conflict resolution

  • When and how to take a break

  • Surrounding ourselves with friends who support each other

  • Appropriate school behavior

  • Asking for help

  • Offering to help

Here are the units we will cover in Math and Science:

Scientific and Engineering Practices
Force, Motion, and Energy
Living Systems and Processes
Earth and Space Systems
Earth Resources 

Prime, Composite, Even, and Odd Numbers
Problem-Solving with Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
Rounding Decimals
Fraction and Decimal Equivalents
Order of Operations
Finding the perimeter, area, and volume
Measuring using the U.S. customary and metric system
Finding the radius, circumference, and diameter of a circle
Classifying Plane Figures
Mean, Medium, Mode, and Range
Making Predictions and determining Probability
Working with Variables

Syllabus 2022-2023

School Supply List 2022-2023