Assignments while we are away

Monday, March 23rd

Hello everyone! I’m so glad you found your way to my Teacher Page.  I’m still missing you a great deal.  I hope you are doing well and helping your parents out in any way you can.  A few of you missed additional activities that Ms. Hollis and I planned for you last week which were posted on each of our Teacher Pages.  I deleted my assignments from last week so we could have a fresh start this week.  

Please check our teacher page on the Highland Park webpage daily or every few days, whatever works best with your new schedule at home. I will be posting activities daily.  Please understand that these assignments are in addition to the packets that you received.  They are for review and enrichment purposes and meant to keep you engaged and give some structure to your day while we are away.  They are not to bring stress to you or your parents, cause tears, or burden anyone.  Parents are welcome to add to or take away from what we’ve assigned if it helps to keep the peace.  Please make sure you are checking Ms. Hollis’s page too.  


Complete both pages of Day 4 in your packet.

Check you answers with the answer key located in the Photo Gallery.

I’ve created answer keys for pages in the packet and they are located in my Photo Gallery.  Go to the left sidebar, where you found “Assignments While We Are Away” you will see the “Photo Gallery”.  Click there and the albums are labeled by day.  I will add answer keys as we go along so that you can check your work for accuracy.  ***Please make an effort to check your work.***   You know I welcome mistakes, but please make sure you are learning from them.  If you have questions about anything email me:  You may also catch me making a mistake in the answer keys.  Isla has already caught one and it wasn’t on purpose to see if anyone would find it.  

IXL BB.15 – Please practice for at least 20 minutes or master the skill, which ever one comes first.  Since you don’t have your handy dandy notebooks to reference, here are some helpful hints and reminders for this skill:

  • Perimeter is the sum of all the sides.  If the shape is a square then all sides are equal. 
  • Area of a shape is found by multiplying the length by the width.
  • Have paper and pencil handy.
  • You may use a calculator, but remember the calculator is only as smart as the person using it.  You may use Siri or Alexa or any other willing participant.  

Here is an example of one of the questions closer to the challenge zone. 

The perimeter of a rectangular garage is 40 meters.  It is 12 meters long.  How wide is it?

Well, let’s start with drawing a rectangle with one side measuring 12 meters.  If it’s a rectangle, then the opposite side will also be 12 meters.  So, two sides total 24 m.  At this point we need to subtract 24 from 40 so that we know how many meters are left over.  40 – 24 = 16.  So, we now know we have 16 meters left.  Finally, we need to divide 16 by two because there are two sides left and we need to split the remaining meters in half.  Finally, each side would be 8 meters and the answer to the question is 8 meters.                                                                                                                                             
Here is an example of a question about area that might give you trouble.

The area of a rectangular concrete patio is 80 square meters.  It is 8 meters wide.  How long is it?
Again, start with a picture.  If we know that one side is 8 m, then we need to ask: 
What times 8 = 80?  
Answer = 10 m                                                             


Complete Packet Pages for Day 3 and 4.

If you have finished these pages and would like to do another science activity you may use IXL.  We haven’t used IXL for Science, but it should be easy to find.  Just make sure you’re selecting Science and 4th grade.  If there are math topics on the screen, then you need to select Science.

Try skill 4-Q.3, spend as much time as you would like. 

Take a break and then go do some chores and bring someone some joy.  :-)

Thank you! Mrs. Suess 

Tuesday, March 24th

Wow!!!  Excellent participation from yesterday.  Thanks everybody.    I hope you’re finding some joy in your work.  Fourteen of you earned Certificates on IXL last week.  Great job!  


  • Page 4 of Packet.
  • Check your answers with mine found in my Photo Gallery.
  • Study Island Flashcards for Perimeter and Area

Directions on how to find assignment in Study Island
Go to Clever Portal
Select Study Island
Select My Classes on the left side bar
Scroll down to find Suess 2020
Click View Assignments in the lower right-hand corner
Select Continue and proceed with lesson.  

Have fun!


Instead of a science assignment today, I want you to spend some time trying to set up for a virtual meeting.  I’m going to try to get us connected using the Zoom app.  The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 10:00 AM and will end at 10:30 AM.  What I need you to do is send me the email address that you want to use for this meeting.  You can use your school email address, which would be:  Your first initial, first four letters of your last name, last three digits of your student number 

Example: mine would be (this is fake).

Some of you have an email account other than your school one and you may want to use that.  You may need to use a parent’s email account.  Make sure you have permission if you’re using someone else’s email account.  You’ll also need to have a computer, phone, or tablet available by 10:00 tomorrow morning.  The Zoom App has a video and audio options, you may choose both or if you’re having a bad hair day you can just select audio.    

Send the email you want to use to:

I’ll need this by 9:00 on Wednesday morning, but best if you can get it to me on Tuesday.

Once I receive your email preference, I will send you and invitation to join the meeting.  All you need to do is click on the link around 10:00.  You may need to select, video and audio, but I’m hoping it will be obvious.  I’ve participated in a few of these this past week and really enjoyed connecting with friends, but I haven’t hosted one.  

If you’re not able to join us on Wednesday and it goes well, we’ll try again next week. 

I’d like you to be thinking of two things to share at our meeting: 

1) something you are thankful for and why

2) something you or you and your family are doing that you think we might enjoy

Wednesday, March 25

Hope to see you on Zoom at 10:00 today. 

Complete pages 7 and 8 of the Packet.
Check your answers with the Answer Key located in my Photo Gallery.
Nice work to Austin for finding the mistake on Day 5, page 2.  It's been corrected, but Mrs. Suess stopped a step too soon on solving for Clare's total number of marbles.  

Mrs. Suess Study Island Teacher Page, directions below on how to get there.
Study Island: Perimeter and Area Practice
Yesterday you did flashcards, today you will do some more practice.  
Go to Study Island through the Clever Portal, on the left sidebar select “My Classes”, scroll down until you see “Suess 2020”, not the 4th @ Highland Page, and click on “View Assignments” down in the lower right-hand corner.  If you have questions you can use the “email option at the top of the page”. 

Complete pages 5 and 6 of packet.
I still haven’t loaded Science Answer Key.
We will use our science time for our Zoom Meeting today.

Thanks everyone! You’re doing a great job keeping up.

Thursday, March 26th

What a treat it was to see your sweet faces yesterday at our Zoom Meeting.  I hated that we couldn’t hear more from each of you and that we had to mute so many, but it was best in order to manage our meeting.  I’m so proud of the way you and your families are moving through this challenging and unique time we’re experiencing.  I also really appreciated your thoughtful responses and respectful behavior during our meeting.  I can see us using Zoom for small group instruction, but not whole group.  We will use it again for social interaction, but just like recess and “free time”, Ms. Hollis and I expect you to be putting effort into your school assignments before recess.  So, think of Zoom as recess.  Again, you rock, you’re completing your assignments, checking your work, finding my mistakes, and making the most of this time.  Thank you! Keep it up.  Please don’t hesitate to email me.  If you didn’t get to share a PM yesterday and would like to, email it, better yet, get out a piece of paper and figure out how to write a Friendly Letter.  I love hearing from you!  I’m thankful for Zoom and for an amazing group of 4th graders that have the ability to make me smile all day long.  My cheeks are sore today, because after our Zoom time I was grinning ALL day long. 

Complete Day 9 and 10.
Check your work with the Answer Keys

I do hope you have extra tissues around, because I know that some of you are having a hard time now that the math packet has been completed.  BUT, do not fear, as you are aware, I ALWAYS have more math for you. We will be cracking open those lovely textbooks you received.  Find some notebook paper and get a pencil sharpened so you'll be ready for tomorrow.  :-)

STMath:  You need to log on to STMath and spend 20-30 minutes practicing.  

Get ready to be inspired!!!  It’s a Frank Gregorio video on Plants and Photosynthesis.  


I’m sad that we won’t be together to discuss your thoughts and questions after this video, but record one way this video inspires you and one question it brings to your mind and email those to me.

Have fun!  Get outside and take some time notice plants in a new and deeper way.
I've been given permission to teach new content and our next unit of study is Life Processes.  We will begin with PLANTS.  

Friday, March 27th

PM Time: Today is my dad’s birthday.  He's turning 78!  My family had planned to spend it with him in Johnson City, TN where I grew up and my parents still live.  We will be having a Zoom Meeting with him at 10:30 AM.  My mom, my twin brothers – one lives in Bangkok, so it will be 10:30 PM for him, my other brother and his two sons that live in Dallas, my sister that lives in Knoxville, my three boys and Mr. Suess will all attempt to Zoom with my dad and wish him a virtual Happy Birthday.  

We’re sad that we all won’t be together in Johnson City, but so thankful that we’re all healthy and able to connect through Zoom.

Please share any PM at

Bonus questions: What country does my brother live in if he lives in the city of Bangkok?  What continent?  Respond to


Grab that textbook that I sent home and turn to page 310-11.

Complete numbers 1-5, 7, 9-11, 13. Skip: 6, 8, 12, 14 – these problems deal with the multiplication and subtraction of decimals, this is a 5th grade skill and I haven’t taught you how to solve these types of problems.  If you want to give those a try, go ahead.  I’ll include the answers in the key and you can see how you do.  If you want to dialogue with me on those, please email me.  I’d love to have a conversation on those skills if you’re interested.  

You may not use a calculator for this assignment.  Show your work and remember all the things we’ve learned together.  I’ll be sending home or you’ll be picking up your math and science notebooks which will be a great resource for you to have at home.  

Check your work with the answers in the Photo Gallery.  Correct mistakes, reach out to me if you have questions.

We will continue to review skills today and next week and after Spring Break we get to learn something new together: Elapsed Time.  I LOVE Elapsed Time!  It’s a useful skill and one I use often.  I’m looking forward to getting into some new material with you.  


Finish packet and check answers with the Answer Key found in the Photo Gallery.

New topic on Monday, can’t wait!!!