4th Grade PLATO Supply List

PLATO 4th Grade Supply List for 2016-2017

2 Pocket Folders with prongs

5 Composition Notebooks (Cow books)

1 Flash Drive

3 Packs of Notebook Paper

1 Box Regular Pencils (Math) Mechanical Pencils Allowed for other Classes

1 Pack Cap Erasers

1 Pack of Crayons

1 Pack of Colored Pencils

1 Box Tissues

3 Glue Sticks

1 Adult Size Scissors

1 Box Sandwich Zip Bags – Girls

1 Box Gallon Zip Bags - Boys

Pencil box or pouch

1 pack of sanitizing wipes

1 pair of earbuds or headphones


1 Pack of plain paper (Boys white, Girls –bright color)

3 Blue or Black Dry Erase Markers (for personal use on response boards)