Dr. Mark Crummey

Dr. Mark Crummey
Highland Park Principal

Dr. Mark Crummey

Dear Highland Park Families,
Welcome back to another school year at Highland Park!  I realize that this is not the way in which we all wanted the year to begin, but I also know that as a Highland community we will make this your learning experiences as meaningful as possible as we work through this together.  In fact, our theme this year is "Together We Can".  In my eight years at Highland, I have known that idea to hold true.  We have accomplished many things together, academically, and beyond.  Our mission has always been to ensure that children finish their time at Highland as competent students and compassionate people as they continue in school and life.  We are a place full of traditions that celebrate our community, from talent shows to walk-a-thons to all kinds of special experiences.  Moving forward and through this time of uncertainty, we will find new ways to remain connected and "together".  As a school staff, we cannot achieve our goals without all our families and the community engaged.  We will continue to reach out to you to work alongside you for your children's success.  At Highland, we also have a history of reaching out to address issues of race and class.  We join our PTA in their message of being intentionally just, equitable and anti-racist in our approach to everything we do.  "Together We Can" is our theme for the year, but believing that "Every Student Counts and Every Moment Matters" is also what drives us.  Welcome again, Highland!  
We will see you around.  - Dr. C or 853-2963.

Mark Crummey, Ph.D.
Highland Park Elementary
Roanoke, VA 24012